Sophos UTM Web Protection URL Filtering Test Site

This test site contains pages classified by SophosLabs for the purpose of testing our web security and control products. Note that some pages are classified as potentially offensive or dangerous however the page content itself should be considered safe for viewing in all circumstances.

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This page is classified as Spyware/Adware.

Web pages that violate personal orcorporate privacy and security. This category includes: URLs that download software or execute programs that gather user information and send it to a third party without the user's explicit knowledge or consent. Software that monitors or tracks activity on others’ computer by recording the key strokes (Keyloggers). Sites that distribute software known to contain spyware or adware. This category is different from the Malicious Sites category because of its intent. Spyware and keyloggers covertly gather and send information to another party. A malicious site intends to install software or take an action without user approval or knowledge.

This category does not includes web pages that download Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

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